Feeling of being adults

The continuation of feeling of getting older is still existed. The older, the more responsibility. Being single and married (or responsible for family matters) are totally different. When we are single, having no money is not too much worried. However, when we are married, having no money is totally disaster. I am not debating about how important money is, I am merely emphasizing money does matters. Period.

I may say that being single we can do everything we want to do with every risk it takes. Just do it. We can go around the world without any hesitation. Just go for it. I neither say by being married we are being afraid, we just think more about people that we take care of. We are not afraid of being poor, we just don’t want to see our beloved one suffered. We are not afraid to work hard because we want the best for our beloved one. Now, I realize it, the feeling of being adult.


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