Book or e-book?

I have been constantly buying a book per month recently; an English one since I couldn’t read Korean and it is hard to find an Indonesian version here. However, an English version is a bit pricey. It doesn’t mean I couldn’t afford it but, you know, it is pricey. If I can spend less, why I have to pay more, right?  So that I am trying to reduce the cost by purchasing an e-book.

I have never experienced purchasing an e-book for my own but for the sake of my friend, I have bought one using Kindle. Now, the idea of buying an e-book comes up because there is a book that I really want to read but it is more expensive while the e-book offers a half price (I need to save more money, haha). I couldn’t make a decision yet, for now (even though I founded pdf file online for free 😀 ). Well, I love the smell of every paper on a new book. It is addictive. It gives vibes that I couldn’t explain. Also, I like collecting books for my library in the future. However, collecting some e-books never give me disadvantage, right? Since all the things are almost online. I can read my e-books online anywhere and anytime. The book? It is a bit heavy, I need to bring it anywhere and anytime if I want to read it, it is a bit uncomfortable I guess. I hope these are not excuses. The main reason is I don’t want to spend more money. Do I have to choose purchasing an e-book this time? Hmm, I think so. Anyway, do you prefer a book or e-book? Please let me know, people!


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