Dari jam 7an tadi buku setebal 160an berada di atas kasur, tepat di sebelah bantal. I do usually read books when I am on bed. Bad habit, perhaps. Kali ini buku yang dibaca terkait riset, bukan novel atau buku motivasi. Jadi proses bacanya cukup lama. Dari jam awal baca sampai sekarang cuman 1 chapter. Buset emang lambat. Bukan karena sulit tapi distractionnya banyak. Fyuh. My big problem emang. Ga fokus nih. Padahal besok kudu menghadap professor terkait buku ini. Emang yang namanya fokus itu susah. The biggest enemy is myself yang ga bisa dikontrol, pikiran kemana-mana, dan mudah buyar. Malam ini emang agak ngantuk sih, capek kali ya jadinya ga fokus. Well, lanjut baca lagi deh. Sejam lagi waktunya tidur.


Pebble watch (Day 1)

I really want to share experience using my first ever smartwatch named Pebble Watch from Pebble, a startup company funded by kickstarter in the beginning.

I got this name from browsing about smartwatch. Pebble is one of affordable yet well-functioned smartwatches in market. I bought this watch from offical site and got discount $10. So the price is only $89. Because I didn’t want to add more delivery cost, I just proceeded with free service. It took almost 3 weeks until I received it last night. Pretty fast and as I expected.

There are many softwares can be installed and sychronized with iOS. But the maximum installed apps are only 8. Well, I was a bit dissappointed at first but hey it is what you’ve got with that price! Quality comes around the price, right?

The look is good. It is nice design. The most noticeable thing is its material; plastic (I assume). This plasctic makes it fragile. I am affraid my watch will be broken if it is bumped to edge of table or door or other stuff. Also, it makes the watch look cheap if people take a close look. Maybe Pebble cares about the weight because I feel like I don’t wear any watch yet it is there. It is sooo light. At least the plastic material also gives good effect.

Well, I will share more later about this watch such as apps, battery, etc.


I call it microwaving instead of baking. Lately I enjoy making a cake! No special reason. I just want to make my own. After browsing about everything can be made using microwave, I decided trying to make a cake. The first attempt was awful. The look, shape, composition, and texture. But at least it was edible. Fortunately, it was way better in the second time. Yeah! I put my whole heart and logic in making the batter unlike the first attempt when I put everything without consideration. The look is still not good but the texture is better!

First attempt:   

 Second attempt:   

Friend and Family

Somethin’ that I realize these days is that friendship and family are different. Friends are coming and going but family isn’t. Friends are not always be there but family is. There is a time when we can only talk to friend, not to family, but family is always opened.

I now fully understand that both friends and family have their own life; And so do I. Nothing to be exaggerated. We all people live the life in the way we want so we have to take care of our own. Never ever be dependent to other.

When I

When I start asking to myself what social media for. Name it, I have Facebook with maybe thousand friends that I barely chat, Twitter with not that many interaction to followers, Instaragam, and Path.

This morning I decided deleting the Path Apps on my phone. I won’t delete the account though. At least for now. I don’t think Path give me benefits. I just let it go. The other apps? Later. Somehow I still need it to got information.