New Semester: Fall 2015

New semester is coming. It becomes busier but it should be more productive. Because one semester is only four months, it will be very tight. Specifically, this semester I am taking a class at KAIST which is strangely famous for difficult study process. Honestly, I am nervous for this class because I am totally new in this field, totally 180-degree different from my previous background about wireless communication. The class name is Special topics of Fundamentals of Machine Learning (ML).

Why am I taking relatively difficult class and new field?

Somehow this topic is booming now especially with Deep Learning used by Google. To be honest, I just think this topic will be beneficial for my future research. Even though now I am still not sure what I am going to research but machine learning is fundamentally required to be learnt for my lab. Since I am still a PhD student and have to handle many courses, I am going to learn as much as I can in this 2-year period. And this ML topic is related to Internet of Things (IoT) in terms of data classification and maybe processing, I guess. So, let’s rock this moment and hope I could get A+. Aamiin.

Another activity that I am taking soon is swimming class. If you read my previous post, unfortunately written in Indonesian, I successfully register to the class. Yeay! The schedule is early in the morning at 6.10AM. So wake up earlier is a must. I don’t want to miss any class. However, for now I just take the class for a month. Is taking one-month class enough to be good at swimming? I meant, I don’t want to be an athlete or a professional, I only want to have fun and do a free swim on the sea.

Lastly, I am planning to buy a new book titled “Elon Musk: Inventing the Future”. I watch youtube video about him in the past three days. This guy is totally “insane”. He’s amazing, great, and inspiring. Beside Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, I barely idolize, I meant very very very idolize a guy. And now I know about Elon Musk; I love him. I meant love for his thinking and goals. How come this guy becomes so incredible? For time being, I define a role model of total handsomeness as Elon Musk. Haha. So, if I buy this book, can I finish it in a month? Come on! Truthfully, I didn’t finish reading any book in these past months. It’s a sad truth. So, another goal of the year, reading a book every month. Noted.


Berenang di Laut

Entah kenapa foto orang liburan di pantai atau laut sangat menggoda iman. Satu kata: PENGEN! Asli gw mupeng banget lah liat orang-orang yang leha-leha di pantai. Kayaknya hidupnya santai banget tanpa beban pikiran. Terus kalau liat foto orang nyebur dari perahu/kapal ke laut tuh rasanya gw juga pengen ikutan nyebur. Dan 2 minggu lalu akhirnya gw berkunjung ke kolam renang sebagai hasil dari kemupengan liburan di pinggir pantai. Rasanya pas nyebur tuuh.. Brrrrrr.. Adem! Sayangnya gw belum bisa berenang dengan baik dan benar. Renang gaya ngasal dan cuman bisa beberapa meter doang. Jadi rasanya kurang mantap! Huk!

Nah, bulan depan kelas renang dibuka. Lokasinya 10 menit jalan kaki dari asrama. Jadwalnya sehari sekali, 4x dalam seminggu. Kelas yang bisa gw ikutin cuman pagi jam 6.10 atau malam jam 7. Yang paling memungkinkan ya ikut kelas pagi jam 6.10. Tapi bangun pagi jam segitunya males banget. Gimana dong? Retorika doang nih. Harus bisa bangun pagi untuk ikut kelas renang. Pengen kan bisa loncat dari perahu ke laut? Pengen kan loncat ke kolam di bawah air terjun? Pengen kan bisa bermain-main air di laut? Pengen, pake banget! Jadi saatnya bertekad untuk kelas renang! Yeay! Mari kita lihat gw berhasil atau ga untuk ikut kelas renang dan yang jelas apakah gw bisa berenang atau ga akhir bulan depan!

Potong Rambut

Potong rambut adalah hal yang sederhana. Tapi sebenarnya ia mengajarkan makna tentang mengambil keputusan. Sesuatu yang harus diterima setelah terjadi, sesuatu yang ga bisa diulang, sesuatu yang… Kalau hasil potong rambutnya kurang pas ya harus diterima. Dan harus menunggu sampai rambut tersebut panjang lagi beberapa bulan kemudian.

Jadi ceritanya hari ini habis potong rambut. Udah bilang ke Bapaknya kalau potong rambut model A. Tapi ternyata hasilnya kependekan. Bukannya jadi nampak gaul, yang ada malah kayak tentara gagal. Sekarang cuman bisa ketawa liat muka yang jadi tambah panjang. Terpaksa harus nunggu 2 bulan lagi untuk eksperimen potongan rambut baru. Di dunia modern ini penampilan juga harus penting. Buat nambah amal supaya orang lain senang liatnya.

Twenty Seven 

Inspired by Twenty Six by Nathan Bashaw. Many sentences are copied from it. I wrote this on August 17, 2015 to celebrate my birthday.

Today I turn 27. I am not leaving my job (the writer of original article was leaving his job); I am a PhD student, involved in a project that is basically not related to my background, and has been tried studying my research idea since April. I am totally trapped in this environment intentionally, for good and bad reasons.

If there are bad things and something that I don’t like, why am I doing it though?

It has been 6 months after my official status as research student. I clearly remember the moment when I applied for this program and submitted my documents. A friend of mine helped me to submit required documents to the university. Well, I almost couldn’t make it. I was very excited and nervous. At that time, I was working at a small company in the same city as my university. It was good experience working in this small company, my boss and colleagues are kind and nice. *Don’t make them bad in this online and social life* I like my job but I need to leave this company to pursue my dream. Yes, I need PhD degree and I like doing research. Somehow this “I like doing research” makes me laugh. Do I really like doing research? I do and I don’t. Nobody loves something in every second of his life, right? For example I like eating chicken, do I eat chicken every single meal? Nope. That’s my point.

Deciding to enroll to university is not a money solution although my scholarship is way better than common universities in Korea. So it is merely about my life goal to become a PhD holder. There was another process after submitting document: interview. When I went through an online interview, I was very excited. I gave a big shot for it. And when I got accepted, it was one of the happiest moments of my life. I made it. Get accepted to university that I want. After that, I quit my job, went to short trip to Cebu, Manila, and Singapore, and went to beloved home country for two weeks. I did these activities before entering the new jungle, PhD life, to help me preparing my mentality. Then, the real battle came. I entered this university, campus, and lab. My professor is a nice person. Really. Let’s skip detail information about lab, campus, and my professor. That’s a short story of my life.

So this twenty-seven-years-old is the condition where I feel anxious. Project is just started and not really related to my background, research is somehow stagnant, so I need another thing to make me alive. I know my main job is doing project and research but the are many things sticked around my head needed to solve. And one of them is this project “Baju Bekas”. Couple days ago, a friend of mine asked my opinion about sending Baju Bekas from Korea to Indonesia. Yes, sometimes I have problem about this baju bekas. I don’t know where I should throw my unused clothes. Sometimes I just put it in trash bag together with others. It’s bad, I think it is not a proper way. So, from point of view of the idea, it’s a good, indeed. However, it requires high cost in delivery fee from Korea to Indonesia. After long discussion, I came up with an idea to solve this delivery fee problem but somehow it doesn’t really fit. This is the flow:

  1. Collect “baju bekas” from people in Korea (students or workers)
  2. Put this baju bekas on Instagram or Facebook
  3. Ask other people in Indonesia/Korea to donate money for delivery fee. Why? Because I want more people to get involved in this project
  4. Send all baju bekas via cargo. It takes several weeks or a month

My friend told me that he has relatives who can receive this packet and distribute baju bekas to needed people. So, I don’t worry about recipient. For financial transparency, whole transaction will be posted online. We need to be clear about it because it’s part of trust. What I can do is building trust between project owner and donatur.

Does this sound interesting to you? Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Are you willing to give feedback or better solution to handle this problem? I would appreciate that a lot! Leave comments on this article.
  2. Are you interested in collaborating on this in any way? This is a great time for me to work with new people, so let’s talk! Hit me up on FB: here. Kakoa talk:@thomhert
  3. Are you blogger or web developer or web designer? You are needed in this project. A simple yet informative website is greatly helping this project.
  4.  Also, I’d love to just catch up and bounce ideas around. I’m a big believer in talking with people from all backgrounds to see how they react. You learn something different from everyone. So if you want to just talk, I would love that! Even if we’ve never met.

I appreciate people who want to work on this together. I know I’m not in this alone. Thank you for all your help!

Wish me luck!

TOPIK 1 level 2

Alhamdulillaah tanggal 13 Agustus 2015 lalu pengumuman tes Topik di dinyatakan lulus level 2 dengan score listening 88 dan reading 76, total 164. Jadi topik ini adalah Korean Language Proficiency Test. Setelah 4 tahun tinggal di Korea akhirnya bisa dapat certification juga. Ya walau pun baru level 2. Minimal syarat untuk wisuda di universitas udah lewat :p hehe Moga-moga dalam 6 bulan ke depan bisa dapat level 3. Semangat!