Unexplainable Feeling

Dari Abu Hurairah ra., ia berkata: Rasulullah saw. bersabda: Allah Taala berfirman: Aku sesuai dengan persangkaan hamba-Ku terhadap-Ku dan Aku selalu bersamanya ketika dia mengingat-Ku. Apabila dia mengingat-Ku dalam dirinya, maka Aku pun akan mengingatnya dalam diri-Ku. Apabila dia mengingat-Ku dalam suatu jemaah manusia, maka Aku pun akan mengingatnya dalam suatu kumpulan makhluk yang lebih baik dari mereka. Apabila dia mendekati-Ku sejengkal, maka Aku akan mendekatinya sehasta. Apabila dia mendekati-Ku sehasta, maka Aku akan mendekatinya sedepa. Dan apabila dia datang kepada-Ku dengan berjalan, maka Aku akan datang kepadanya dengan berlari. (Kitab Sahih Muslim no. 4832)


How to Reply A Rejection

Yesterday I finally received a notification email regarding my application. It was still better to get an answer rather than hanging around nowhere. Even though it was not a good news, I felt relieved because I could go for another chance.

Based on this, I would like to share how to politely answer the email in term of rejection. You could modify and make it better than mine, of course. This is just my opinion. Hope this will be useful. To me: Cheer up! There is a better way out there waiting for me.


13 Signs You’re Wasting Life But You Can’t Admit It

There is a time when I just want to save and share some articles in my blog without changing any contents. Here I keep the same title as original, copy and paste all. Credits to publiser and writers.

Starting from today I would like to share the best article on the week. (based on my opinion indeed). Do you think it is the best to share it on Monday? So I could recap any information happening on the previous week. Let’s create a new chapter for my blog.


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When you were a kid, did you want to grow up to be an astronaut, a singer or an engineer? If so, how’s that working out for you? Hopefully, it’s going great and you are living the life of your dreams. But for the rest of you who are not, here are 13 signs that you might be wasting your life… but you don’t want to admit it:

1. You spend too much time doing things you shouldn’t be doing.

Video games. Reality TV. Surfing the ‘net. Stuffing your face with too much food. Drinking too much. And the list goes on. Take a serious look at your life. Where are you spending the majority of your time? And does it serve you well? Is it leading to a better life? Is it laying the foundation for a bright future? If not, then you need to reevaluate your routine activities and make changes.

2. You find yourself complaining a lot.

I know people who are constantly overwhelmed with life, and they never cease to tell me. Are you one of those people? Do you complain about your job, your boss, your salary, your neighbors or your spouse? If you do, then you are doing nothing but exuding negative energy. Negativity doesn’t change things. It keeps you stuck. So change your thoughts and talk about what you appreciate about your life, not what you don’t like.

3. You don’t feed your mind.

If you’re not continually growing and learning as a person, then you are stagnant – just like a still pond that doesn’t move and grows green gunk on it. That’s what your mind does if you don’t keep it active and learn new things. Positive challenges in your life will expand your mind, not send it backwards.

4. You have a lot of negative self-talk.

Self-talk can make or break your life. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t… either way, you’re right.” If you tell yourself that you’re not smart enough to get that promotion or start a business, then you’re right. If you tell yourself you’re too exhausted to put effort into changing your life, then you’re right. Whatever you tell yourself becomes your reality. So closely monitor what you say to yourself, because you will find that your life matches your thoughts.

5. You feel uninspired.

Do you have a passion for anything? I know a lot of people who think they don’t have a passion. But that’s never the case. There has to be something that you enjoy doing. So you need to rediscover what excites you, and then do more of it.

6. You don’t plan for your future.

While it’s always great to live in the “now” and “be in the moment,” sometimes you need to look ahead to see where you want to go. If you don’t have a goal or a plan, then you are like a boat that is wandering aimlessly in the ocean hoping to end up somewhere good. But you can’t do that. You have to make a step-by-step guide to get where you want to go. Just like a GPS gets you to a destination, you need your own inner GPS to guide you.

7. You spend too much time with people who don’t contribute to your growth.

It’s easy to get stuck hanging out with people who are not making you feel like a better person. But if you keep doing that, then you will stay stagnant or get pulled down with them. I like to call them “Energy Vampires.” They suck the life out of you and give you nothing positive in return. Instead, go find growth-oriented people to be around.

8. You’re addicted to your phone.

Sure, cell phones are super cool gadgets that can leave us entranced when we use them. While that’s fun, think about all the time you are wasting with your phone. Even worse, think about all the relationships that might be affected. Maybe you’re texting or searching the internet while you’re having dinner with your spouse or kids. If you are, you’re missing out on meaningful time you can spend with your loved ones – or time you could devote to making a plan for your future.

9. You spend money on things that don’t matter.

There is a difference between a “need” and a “want.” I’m sure we all learned that in kindergarten. However, in today’s society, we have blurred the lines quite a bit (see #8… the cell phone). In fact, I know people who can’t pay their mortgage, but still have the fanciest gadgets on the planet. If you stop to think about it, there is very little that we actually need. Food, water, shelter and love are some of those things. All the rest are just bonuses. So look at what you’re spending your money on and see if you can make adjustments. Maybe you can use the money you save to invest in your future.

10. You don’t get enough sleep.

I’m not a medical doctor, but I have read enough books to know how vitally important sleep is. I could write 20 pages on it. But I obviously don’t have enough room in this short article. Sleep is crucial for good health. If you’re too busy to get enough sleep or if you simply have a bad habit of staying up until the wee hours of the morning, you should re-evaluate your habits.

11. You’re not taking care of your body.

Not only is sleep essential to your health, so is food and exercise. I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. But eating a balanced, healthy diet and moving your body around truly does have more positive effects other than weight loss. It affects your mental attitude and overall well-being. So take a look at your diet and level of activity. You might find that making a few small changes will greatly improve your life.

12. You don’t leave your comfort zone.

I know how easy it is to live in a comfort zone. In fact, when I go to a familiar restaurant, I always order the same thing. Not because I’m afraid to try something new, but because I like the food I normally order. But that’s not the kind of comfort zone I’m talking about. I’m talking about taking a risk that will improve your life. And keep in mind, there is a difference between a “risk” and a “calculated risk.” Any risk has the possibility to be deadly, but a calculated risk is one in which you’ve weighed all options and thus come up with a good, sensible plan of action.

13. You’re living a life you don’t like.

The way I measure success is by someone’s level of happiness. Are you happy? If not, then you should change something! Even a feeling of contentment or satisfaction doesn’t tell you that you’re living life to the fullest. Life should be exciting! So if you’re not enjoying life, take a look at some of the changes you can make to get you to a better place.

If any of these 13 points sounded like you, don’t despair. You can make changes. But the first change you need to make is getting rid of the idea that you can’t do it. Many times, your biggest obstacle is your own thought process. So start there. Change your thinking – then change your life!

Finally Accepted

Yeay yeay yeay.. Cerita kelam disini berakhir bahagia. My journal has been accepted. It means to be published soon. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

Setelah perjuangan selama 10 bulan, akhirnya jurnal siap terbit. Bukan hanya proses yang panjang tapi juga berliku. Terima kasih atas segala do’a dari para readers. Semoga barakah. Menjadi pemberat amal kelak.

Proses Pendewasaan Kesekian

Tengok kiri-kanan, melihat tetangga yang rumputnya selalu nampak lebih hijau. Hijau dalam artian tabungan lebih banyak, kerjaan lebih nyaman, keluarga yang lebih teratur, dan lain sebagainya. Tapi hey, itu hanya nampak dari luar. Dalamnya siapa yang tau. Itu kan pikiran gw, persepsi gw dalam melihat mereka. Apa yang nampak dari luar belum tentu sama dalamnya.

Yang jadi perhatian harusnya apa yang dimiliki saat ini menjadi ajang pendewasaan diri. Sebut saja case gw. Gw jika tetap dalam kondisi 3 tahun lalu, maka apa yang gw khawatirkan sekarang mungkin akan jauh berbeda. Gw ga perlu khawatir akan kerja dimana, gaji cukup atau ga, dan lain sebagainya. People surely change. Pain changes people. Love changes people. Money changes people as well. *damn right*

Setiap hari akan selalu ada pertanyaan dipikiran gw tentang hidup, tentang masa depan. It’s me. Orang yang selalu berpikir. Gw tipe pemikir mutlak atas segala sesuatu. Jadi ga bisa dipaksa untuk ga mikir. I do know ga ada yang tau future, tapi ya itu, gw tetap memikirkannya. Jejaring di otak memaksa gw untuk terus berpikir. So let it be. Gw enjoy aja. Tiap hari seyogyanya harus menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik. Ya kan? Ya kan? Cocok dah kayaknya gw daftar jadi motivator. :p

Catch a cold!

Oh my oh my, udah lama gw ga pilek batuk. Selama hidup di Korea, bisa dihitung pake tangan berapa kali gw pilek. Mungkin satu atau dua kali doang bahkan gw sampe lupa kapan terakhir kali gw pilek. Sekalinya pilek, rasanya aduhai. Stock obat dan inhaler ga ada. Obat indonesia gw minum tapi ga ada efek apa-apa. Dulu gw pakenya neoz*p, biasanya ampuh. Berhubung ga ada, gw minum lah decolg*n punya teman sekosan. Hasilnya belum ada perbaikan.

Gw selalu percaya kalau sakit itu ada sebab musababnya, bukan hanya karena Allah yang ngasih penyakit. Berpikir keras, gw habis makan apa, pola istirahat gimana, apa yang salah. Ah, kayaknya karena kurang olahraga. Tapi selama winter kemarin I was okay, ga batuk ga pilek. Apa karena fine dust dari cina? Ah, gw ingat. Malam minggu gw sok kuat dengan tidur pake celana pendek dan cuman selimutan tanpa pake electric blanket. Subuh-subuh gw kedinginan. Bangun-bangun kepala berat ga karuan. I felt emang ini mau flu. Tapi biasanya gw akan baik-baik aja ketika siangnya. Ternyata oh ternyata, perasaan ga enak ini terus bertahan sampai empat hari dan semakin memburuk.

It was my fault yang ga bisa jaga kesehatan. Demi malas pakai celana panjang karena malas nambah cucian, gw bertahan dengan celana pendek untuk tidur. Hasilnya gw selalu kedinginan subuh-subuh. Yang salah ya gw sendiri. Dengan kondisi belum fit tapi gw mau ada appointment penting di SNU (Seoul National University) hari Sabtu dan mau nyoblos pemilu hari minggunya. At the end, I just can hope everything is gonna be okay. Dah lama ga speak English, ntar pas ketemuan sama orang di SNU, bisa ngomong ga ya? grammar gw seberantakan apa ya? Kalau lagi sakit, biasanya kemampuan dengar gw agak menurun. Pyuh. Wish me luck!