Well, new update for “About” this blog and myself. If you read my blog and do not understand the language, it means I write it down in Indonesian. Yes, indeed, I am Indonesia 🙂

I’m Thomhert, as an E7 holder in Korea. Working as hardware/software engineer for industrial wireless. A common guy with simple and complicated mind (contradiction, huh?) Coffee lover but not for Americano and Espresso. I prefer not too sweet and bitter one. I would say life is like a coffee. Too sweet is boring, too bitter is terrible. Like traveling but easy to get lost. Love reading and writing “curcol”. Admiring design and fashion but no skill for drawing. Not love coding but have to code something. Salute for people who run startup about technology. Internet of Things and Wireless Communication. A clumsy yet detail one. Love my family so much. A son, a brother, but not a husband yet. 😉


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