Welcome 2016

I barely celebrate a new year since I stayed in Korea for the last 4 years. Nobody could tell the life. I didn’t expect for staying here this long. My first new year celebration was 2012. Then 2013, 2014, 2015, and now 2016.

To put it simple, I do expect more this year. More productive in any possible way. Life and work. I am planning to stop using Instagram and Twitter. I stopped using Path several months ago. Well, never be a fan of this app tho. I also stop tweeting. Get bored, basically. As for IG, I find myself looking unuseful information every time I open my account. So, i choose to stop it. Can i promise myself to become more productive? Can I not access these apps before I make myself better in any possible way? There is only one thing that I want to do this year and I have to do it whatever it takes: I want to be a better man for my life, my family, and my work. I want to do more good deeds and lessen my bad habit. So, hope this year will become a better year for me and my family. 


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