Increase productivity

There are many ways to increase productivity, depend on each person. Below are my chosen ones:
1. Avoid chatting (Whatsapp, Kakaotakl, others), except if it is VERY urgent!
2. Stay away from smartphone. Put smartphone in bag when we are working and only check it every 25 minutes.
3. Check all email earlier on the morning. And delete unimportant emails. Reply directly an important one. I barely have important emails though, but I still do not want to unsubscribe unimportant ones. :p
4. Morning is the most important things. Do all important task on morning, finish it as soon as possible. Sometimes I feel bored and sleepy after lunch.
P.S: number 1 & 2 are the most important part for me. I couldn’t focus on my work if my phone is nearby me.


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