Crazy over London

Lalala~ I am back with my delusional yet optimistic target for this year: Visiting L O N D O N. I love British accent. Eargasm. I love Briton. Do I? Well, I am not sure. But I love hearing them speak closely to my ears whole day and every day. Eargasm.

Let my imagination go anywhere it may. I enjoy it, for sure.

I close my eyes, I imagine what London is: environment, people, scenary, water, food, festival, happiness, excitement, anything! I wander in the city with friends or alone. It doesn’t matter! Meet very kind strangers. We talk, we discuss about life, about their life, about British. I listen to them thoroughly.

In my hotel, I wake up early. Having my Fajr praying is a must. Enjoy the sunrise with Halal English breakfast. I enjoy every bite of my food. Amazing.

Without specific itinerary, I visit famous tourism spots and unpopular ones. I like combining both. Feeling more personal to the city.

I just wander here and there. Try many food as possible as I can. I dont calculate my budget. Sit on cafe, drink a cup of coffee. Yes, vanilla latte. Or visit a famous cafe. Don’t forget a cheese cake. Perfect.

Night life of London is one of the lists. Enjoy jazz music. If it is possible, I go to particular jazz concert until 10PM. Back to hotel and take a rest. I plan my tomorrow trip to visit Cambridge. UK in general is knowledge source. I want to see the library, park, university where knowledge is generated. One whole day for edu-trip.

In the next day, I want to join meet up with start up company runners. Sharing idea. Listen to their experience. Take some notes. Learn as many as I can. For lunch or dinner, I will have it together with one of respective professors I know. Wonderful.

Well, don’t forget Kebab and chocolate as well while in London. I heard Kebab in London is very delicious. Chocolate? I don’t know. I just want to eat it. 😀

Is it enough for 3-day trip? Hmm, I also plan to visit Edensor. Should I add more day? If I could, I will be in UK for a week. So, basically I need to add more stories. 😆

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