What’s going on with me?

Today at 5PM after waking up from a short nap, I decided changing my topic for final project assignment in Science and Technology Innovation Policy class. Previously I chose effectiveness of e-government from bureaucrat perspective but somehow I imagined how hard getting data for analysis. So I stop. I don’t want to have a problem later then result in fail finishing my assignment. Now, after disucssion with some friends in Indonesia, I come up with some ideas.

This situation is not my first time. When I had to present a homework in Internet of Things Architecture class, I changed my topic two hourse before presentation time. It was a big messy hectic condition. I made a quick surveys and prepared my ppt. My presentation went smooth fortunately.

From these two experience, I prepared my material even one week before the deadline yet I changed both topic suddenly. There were some points that couldn’t make me satisfied. Something that I couldn’t explain. But this issue will bring me problems If I keep my work like this. Not to mention, I waste my time to learn something that I don’t need. One thing to be sure, I have to be more serious before deciding something and more focus on my works.


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