New route

I had a bad week so I need to recover it. Having a bad week means losing productivity, losing energy, not reaching the target, and finally ruining the life. Those factors are more than enough to be reasons to do changes on my dailiy routine. So, this morning I decided running outdoor with new route.

As I expected, taking a new route would bring a new experience and scenary. It might be bad or other way, good. And fortunately it was a good route!

After almost 2km my run, I founded this greeny beautiful thing. It gave me relaxing feeling. Then I speed up my pace.   
See this river side and gardening thing. Just wow. Give me more energy.    After 4km, I went to this park. I already knew my way, however I didn’t know exact things on the way. Such a beautiful flower.I met this dinosaur. Haha     Finally, this is my resume today. Not that bad.    I did short sit-up, plank, and push up. Then it closed with cooking and enjoying this breakfast. 

Hope a better week!


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