Bottom Line

With all the things I have experienced and what I am facing now, I wonder what the bottom line of misery is. I am still alive, still breathing fine. Sometimes I indeed wish I had better life which is not only related to money but also about other meaningful things. I wish I could. However, the reality is on the other way, I have more challenging life not only myself but my family.

Speaking of bottom line, I feel like I reach the hardest period of my life during the past two years. Everything is just hard; Job, family, myself. Though, I am still here; sitting on my chair, typing on this blog, having a cup of coffee and french fries. So I believe I am strong enough to run the life. I am not saying I never complain. I do a lot. Sometimes I even cry. I am questioning myself, why life is so hard. Then, I feel fine. I motivate myself not to give up. This is true. And I don’t think my problem is the biggest one in this world. No. I just feel, some people may have better but other also have worse. It makes me fine. It makes me stand up and more understand about life. Whatever problem is, it can be solved. There has to be a solution. Bad or good. Happy or sad. Just deal with it.

Now, I still feel sad, exhausted, angry, disappointed, and other feeling that can’t be described but I still believe I can go through all this process and everything will be fine in the end. I will be okay. This bottom line, maybe I may experience deeper than this on the future, but now it is not time to give up.


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