2 Months

Hi student! How ARE you? It’s been two months as PhD student. What have you done?
Well, I didn’t expect myself to publish a paper in two months because it is just not feasible. However, I expected myself to do better than what I did in master period. Did I do better in this two months? Yes, I did. At least I believe so. I have an idea to do about research even though I am not sure that my professor will agree or not. When I was master, I clearly remember that I struggled more than this time. No single idea can be resumed within two first months.

The biggest issue is that I am not satisfied with my communication with my professor. I avoid arguing and debating. That’s my fault. I dislike my idea being rejected. I hate it to be honest. But hey, who like to be rejected, right? So from tomorrow I decide dealing with it. I will be more active because it is a PhD should be. I promise, to myself.


4 thoughts on “2 Months

  1. Gisha prathita says:

    Hi, salam kenal mas Thom.
    Saya Gisha, saya lagi blog-walking cari info ttg PhD life di Korea dan akhirnya nemu blog Mas yang ternyata adalah seorang mahasiswa PhD di Korea.
    Saya pengen tanya2 mas, ttg sistem kuliah (dan plus minusnya) s3 di korea, klo mas gak keberatan, boleh saya tanya2 lewat e-mail?

    Makasih banyak mas! 🙂
    Semoga selalu lancar kuliahnya!

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