How To Quit

I believe this article is very useful. To decide quitting a job is somehow stressful and annoying. I keep the original tittle and source. Credits to author and medium.

When a new team member joins our company, we have them start by reading a handbook to help understand our culture, mission and team.

One piece of this document which you read on the first day shares thoughts on how to quit. I want to share our insights because honestly I don’t think it ever gets talked about. Maybe this will inspire your own quitting policy?

Moving On
One last note about something that most companies don’t talk about — how to quit. When I’ve talked to people who are thinking about quitting, it is always insanely stressful and can take a long time before they finally get the courage to quit. It’s no fun or helpful to them or the company.

Companies are simply groups of people that come together to build something they believe in. There comes a time when people want to go off and do their own thing or join another mission. When that time comes, we will always support you 100% in your search for happiness and fulfillment. How you leave a company matters. We should all be here to make each other better and to create an environment that sets everyone up to go do their own thing someday, or whatever else they want. So, how to quit?

  1. Have a conversation  — We’re open about this topic. Communicate with your peers or your manager about how you’re feeling and what you are looking for to get to your next level. We want to help make that happen whether it’s here at Assist or somewhere else.
  2. Quit in person. Please do not send a blind email. Politely ask the person who needs to approve and know about you leaving the company for a meeting. Talk it out. You can expect that we’ll never be mad. We might be sad or bummed, but we still want what’s best for you.
  3. Finish the job at hand. Quitting and running out the door is never the right thing to do. Offer to finish the current job at hand and leave on a great note.
  4. It is not personal. Quitting always feels like the scariest thing in the world. It sucks to pour your heart and soul into something and then just quit. If you do it respectfully though, you will have a group of colleagues that are your supporters and fans (assuming they enjoyed working with you). It’s a long game in life, people will come and people will go, but remember that it is a small world so do things right and you will continue to grow in your career.

4 thoughts on “How To Quit

  1. Kebetulan di kantor lagi persiapan melepas anggota tim yg potensial. Awalnya memang kaget dan sedih.. Tapi setelah dipikir, jika untuk kebaikan, kenapa tidak? 🙂

    1. thomhertsiadari says:

      Yeap mbak. Saya mengalami sendiri kegundahan itu dan alhamdulillah bos saya ngerti mau saya apa. Bos saya emang sdh mengira kalau setelah 2 tahun bekerja akan lebih baik jika saya pindah ke tempat yg lebih baik..
      Bekal nanti jika kita jadi atasan, biar wisely menanggapi resignation 😀

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