How to Install Brekeke SIP Server on Ubuntu Server 12.04

I bet it would be (more or less) the same as installation process done on other Ubuntu Server version. It is not difficult if you follow all processes.

1. Java
– Install Java.
– You can use terminal to install java: sudo apt-get install default-jdk
– In my case, I used Linux 64-bit with JDK java version “1.7.0_65”.
– If you already have Java in your computer, please make sure that the Java’s version is 1.6 or later.

2. Apache Tomcat
– Download apache tomcat from website: choose tar.gz file for linux.
– After the download completes, untar the file.
– Tar –zxvf apache-tomcat-7.0.29.tar.gz.
– Move tomcat folder to you own path. Here in this project, I put folder to /opt/tomcat
– To run tomcat, in terminal type ./opt/tomcat/bin/
– Access ip_address:8080 (my case It works!

3. Brekeke Installation
– Download Brekeke SIP Server on


– Extract download file (open Downloads directory and extract there. In our project /home/sip/Downloads/
– Copy sip.war to /opt/tomcat/webapps
– Open in browser ip_address:8080/sip
– Obtain the license (because Brekeke is not free software). Access to request 60-day trial

– On your email, you will get the license. Product ID, username, and password.
– Login to Brekeke server using default username and password (sa/sa)
– Click start to activate server.
– Server is active! You can check server status tab for detail information. The rest is configuration. You can set server config based on your requirements.


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