Extending E-7 visa in Korea

It was on September 23 I went to immigration office to extend my visa. As I guess it would not take a very long time to do this process. It took only 20 minutes to renew period of visa. However, the completeness of requirements and number of queueing made it longer than expected. Here are some requirements you need if you want to extend E-7 visa. To provide some of these you need helps from your HR company or your boss.

  1. Application form (you can take this at immigration office and fill it on the spot)
  2. Alien Registration Card
  3. Passport
  4. Proof of paying tax (visit http://www.nts.go.kr. Ask a help from Korean friends. It was complicated and tedious)
  5. Tax payment documents from company (ask to HR or boss)
  6. Employment contract (state exact salary and working period)
  7. List of company’s employee (ask to HR or boss)
  8. Housing contract (If your contract is under your name. It will be fine. You just need to bring it yourself. But if it is under other person (my case is under my boss’ wife), this person needs to fill form no. 5 that you can take at immigration office)
  9. Fee KRW60,000. It was doubled from last year fee.

So, no. 4,5, and 6 are provided by your company, while others are provided by you. Those requirements are not difficult to be provided but need process. I took one or two days to make all requirements complete. When I first visited immigration office, I didn’t bring form no.5 and company’s tax payment without stamp. So I had to back to office and came after getting both. There were not so many people in queueing, so I could finish my extending visa process within one hour. Hope this writing useful for you guys!


8 thoughts on “Extending E-7 visa in Korea

    1. thomhertsiadari says:

      Hi Kris,
      Actually it depends on your employment contract. As for me, it was one year extension. But a friend of mine told me that it is possible to extend visa for 2 years.

  1. thomhertsiadari says:

    Hi there,
    It was just a plain employment contract from my prev company. Of course, after company and I signed the contract.

  2. sharmin says:

    If I lost my Job and then will it possible to extend the E7 Visa?
    Also I want to know how much tax a E7 holder need to pay per month?

    1. thomhertsiadari says:

      If I lost my Job and then will it possible to extend the E7 Visa? –> impossible, because to extend E7 visa you need employment contract from company and company’s business license. Pls keep in mind that moving from one to another company with E7 gives headache because you need to submit official letter from previous company stated about your resignation.

      Also I want to know how much tax a E7 holder need to pay per month? –> I am not sure since I’ve never calculated my tax when I was E7 visa holder (now I am student). I guess it was around 3%.
      But you have to know that this tax is increased by govt, so it is possible you pay extra tax during tax collecting period (February every year).

      Hope it helps.

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