The same photos, different vibes

As these days, I am falling in love with photography using my beloved iPhone 5S, I tried to capture some beautiful creatures. At first I didn’t know at all what are exposure, shadow, light, and other aspects used in photography techniques. I am just an ordinary person who likes seeing amazing pictures in his Instagram account. Beautiful photos attract me, the one who never likes drawing or designing a thing. Clearly I remember how I hate a subject in my high school era, “Gambar Teknik” or subject related to draw using ruler, compass circle, and graphics thingy. It was hard. Really. It end up with my avoidance in using Auto Cad, Photoshop, Corel Draw, and other software. However, strangely I am more interested in the result of creativity of simple and elegant designs. As I try to feel the vibes and meaning of every photos, the willing to create the same amazing, elegant, and wonderful photos becomes stronger.

At first, I consider to buy a new camera for beginner level to boost my consistency.  Naturally, if I have a camera, I have no reason to let my passion go, to keep my commitment. But, now is not the right moment; Too much expense for this month. Sigh. One solution that I have is employing my only Smartphone. Here I go, using my iPhone taking pictures wherever and whenever I go around. So, a new camera is not required. Pass. The problem is solved.

Internet is indeed helpful.

As internet is growing faster, many photographers stop bringing their heavy and huge camera and just using a smartphone. Fortunately, iPhone 5S is one of the best phones available in the market now with its 8MP camera. Many tutorials are provided to take a great picture and then modify or design it. The easiness is also coming by available software in app store.  You can choose one or two even ten software and install it in your phone. Simple and useful. I just need two days (but honestly it many only needs some hours to learn it if you want learn all tips and tricks). I prefer learning it step to step because of my working activity (truthfully, I have no free time). I believe practice makes perfect. So, I just learn it partially, go to the software, download, install, and try it. Here are some photos taken by me. Well, it is still not really good but I have tried. Feel free to criticize my photos and sharing some advice. ^^ Cheers!

Yuseong Office Intersection


Gumi Station

Riverside Road


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