I believe some people know about Barista. For you who do not know what Barista is, I will let you know in a simple way. Barista is a person making and serving coffee drinks either working at coffee shops or owning a coffee shops. Clear enough. Can everyone be a barista? Yes! But to become a barista you have to obtain a proper license. However, it is not that cheap. The learning process itself is around 10 million (IDR). I got an information about barista class in Korea, it costs us around 800,000 per course. Expensive.


To people who curious why I talk about barista because taking a barista class is my dream. Actually it is not only about taking the class but also about having a skill to serve a delicious and beautiful coffee. Let’s just imagine how wonderful if I have my own coffee shop and serve the coffee by myself. Have a clean and neat coffee shop with elegant and cozy environment is a must. Don’t forget to provide a spacious Muslim praying room to get baraka’. Awesome, right?

Today I dig some info to take a barista course in Korea. The language and pricing problem are the obstacle. There is no guarantee the course will be taught in English as my lack in Korean. The pricing itself as I stated before is out of my capacity. In addition, the time for taking the class is impossible because I am working in weekdays. Huh! It seems this dream is just so impossible. Even though it seems so, I have an idea to learn from a coffee shop owner that I usually visit nearby my home. He is kind, able to speak English, and friendly. Until now, I did not have any courage to request about this matter. How if I work there a half day just for experiencing how to make a proper coffee. It sounds great, right? Well, hope it works because I just don’t have any idea besides it. ^^


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