Temporary Off

It’s more than a week since I deactivated my Facebook account. My life is totally fine as I predicted although sometimes I activated it for urgent occasion. I still think it is normal, run as my plan. Good job.
A minute ago I signed out both my other social media accounts, Twitter and Instagram. By signing out those accounts I try to live a normal life like before the time both were existed. This activity maybe temporary since I realize that I need to keep contact with others. Personally I prefer to contact others using private message like Whatsapp, Kakao Talk, or Skype. I feel connected with those people, known each other. I guess my life is still going well without those accounts. Do people know that I am inactive? Do people care? If people want to contact me, they can reach me out by email. I think it is better now.
Let’s make a commitment. One day without social media! ^^


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