40 minutes left for my second movie today, About Time, played by Domhnal Gleeson and Rachel McAdams (whom I like by the way). I do not know about the ending yet, a happy or sad ending. You can check it on google to get whole story. I am here to tell you what I get from the movie.

There is always a positive point from a a movie we watch. About Time tells us a story of a guy who tries to have a girlfriend. He possesses an ability to go back to the time he had. It is him who has a very wonderful skill but unfortunately we don’t. We couldn’t go back to any of our previous time. Am I wrong, here? No. Absolutely not. Hence, I learn how precious our time now with whom we love, family, spouse, and friends.

The thing is sometimes we only focus to our problems, self-centered. We ignore others. I clearly realize one thing from my life lately. The sooner we are settling our problem, the sooner we can help other people. No going back, just face the future.


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