Iphone 5S: A Better One

Well, I know it is only three days after I bought my first Iphone device, Iphone 5s. I couldn’t help myself to write down my admiration of this device. Yes, I love it. I name it my precious. I have been using ipod for almost two years and it helped me a lot. I have not had any sophisticated device that I love so much. Even for now, I have a Nexus 7, I always bring my ipod everywhere. It is just my preference to listen to music through ipod not tablet. Listening to music from my tablet is just annoying and not comfortable. Shortly, I am more than satisfied with my ipod performance.

Purchasing a new hand-phone is not an easy decision. If you remember my post, I had an intention to buy Nokia Lumia 920. Unfortunately, Nokia Lumia 920 is not available in Korea. I need to order it from a store in Hongkong. I don’t like it, nope, I am quite old fashioned in buying a phone cell. $500 is not a small amount money for me. I don’t want to take a risk here. After considering it for couple of months, I decided having a phone cell soon, very soon. My last phone cell is blackberry when I was in Indonesia, quite long time ago. If you are curious, I only have a 2,5G phone cell. Only make calling and texting. No internet connection. It is like I found a treasure after struggling in the ocean. :p

Anyway, this is only my two cents. I don’t explain much about technical aspects. This review is totally based on my “short period” experience. I am going to add more later on.


I never had an Iphone product, so i could not compare it to previous one. But as for now, this is the best phone cell I’ve ever possessed. Before purchasing it, I visited Frisbee to grab and hold the real device. Surprisingly, iphone 5s is light and solid. Elegant. I like the gold version but I took the space gray. Magnificent. It is simple yet shining. What I like the most from Iphone (and Ipod) is the screen. Its screen is pure, not like other phones, they look like plastic and I hate it. There are not so many different from my ipod 4 except iphone 5s has two speakers and the audio input for headphone is in the left side. The size, length, and depth are indeed different. Two cameras are provided by apple. Ipod only has one front camera. You can visit official Apple link for detail differences.


The box comes with one device, a set of charger and earphone. I found its earphone is amazing from the first time. Even though I hate the white color cable because it easily gets dirty. When I bought Ipod two years ago, the box was different from this Iphone. Apple wraps up the its products in simple ways. I really wanted to purchase gold edition but I went with space gray one because gold one is out of stock. I am okay.  It’s still beautiful.

Performance. I could easily compare this Iphone 5S with Ipod Touch 4. Iphone 5S is so much faster. I do not have any problem with iOS 7.0 with its colorful layout. In my opinion, Apple did decided very well to implement fingerprint touch ID. Fingerprint is very useful. It eases to open and access the phone. I even registered 4 fingers to unlock it. Best decision from Apple while other brands are using face recognition. Face recognition is irritating. I haven’t compared Siri to Google Now (maybe later). So far, I haven’t had a single thought to regret buying this device. I know that I sounds dramatic and too much. To emphasize it, I just chose what the best for me 😀 Hope you won’t get bored with this fanboying 😆



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