Let’s say it is “Instable” because I did not know what the right title is to explain my feeling. At least for now, I am in love with design thing. Something that I never like since I was child. I clearly remember when I was a high school student, I was very bad at Graphical Technique subject. The only hope was that I passed the minimum passing grade. Until now, I still do not like drawing or designing a thing but I like and love seeing the design result.

Is it now clear why I said “Instable”? I do not like how to draw or design a single thing but I like imagining what this thing looks like. Isn’t it so strange? I could not imagine if the designers have a soul to create something but have no skill to draw their imagination. Isn’t it like you love a girl but couldn’t say you love her? Hah! Being so dramatic here.

I am proud of people that can design a thing to be a better solution. Well, just seeing the beautiful and magnificent design makes me happy.


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