Review Nexus 7

First thing first, that’s the method now since I have lots of list-to-buy-and-have today. I just can’t deny that I have my own imagination and delusion about my possession. Well, this is the first time (maybe) writing a review;  It’s about Nexus 7.  After contemplation several weeks, digging some reviews here and there, I decided to buy a secondhand Nexus 7 from Seoul Craigslist. Why secondhand? Why Craigslist? And the most questionable is why Nexus 7?

At first I wanted to have a tablet either Ipad Mini or Nexus 7. The consideration is based on price. A secondhand device is the best choice for it. I browsed craigslist and searched Ipad Mini and Nexus 7 with logic price. I found an Ipad 3 64GB 3G but it’s quite expensive and whether I need it or not. Those specifications are just beyond my requirements. So I let it be and didn’t buy it. My needed is for reading e-book, e-paper, e-magazine, for learning English and Korean, trying to play game. If I add more reason, it must be easy handling. Personally I am not into Android OS. I had a phone cell with Android OS but never used it much. Whatsapp is the only reason why I still kept that phone cell. Hence, I hesitate to buy a Nexus 7 at the moment but I watched so many good reviews and chose to feel my own experience about it.  Even though that I know Nexus 7 second generation is already in market but those specs are over my needed and cost more. 😆

After considering price, condition, and need, I came with conclusion that a secondhand Nexus 7 with good condition is the best. I got offer 200,000 KRW (about 2M IDR). Pretty cheap realizing that he kept that device well. So, without further ado here is my review for one day using it.


First, about the hardware. I have no complaint about the size. It is easy handling and not so heavy (compare to galaxy tablet 2011) but you still feel it heavy after holding it for hours, kind of normal though. The volume control and power button are in the upper right side. Sometimes I press the wrong button for volume. Maybe because i am new with it but nothing so much trouble. The speaker is in the back side. It’s only one so it’s centralized. I just realized that it is the same as my ipod. So I hope I will like it. It just rarely happened to listen to music loudly so I guess it would be okay. The front camera is so so. I don’t really need it. Maybe later if I have someone to have video chat regularly. So far the hardware is just so good, nothing to be complaint.


Second, about the software. As we know, Android has a lot of apps in the store. It is just amazing that it grows so much recently. Since my goals are not over gaming or entertaining; IELTS, learning English and Korean, flash cards, social medias, and some personal apps are available. As I said, I am not into this OS but with all available apps, I go with it this time. Reading pdf file is exiciting. It is just so much easier than reading using ipod. I love it specifically. Indeed this is what I need. A device that provides a good view for reading. I can’t compare it with ipod though because they have different size. For another aspect, I enjoy the google voice apps.  Just saying the words and google will find it for me.

Apple is indeed standing in different level from Google and Microsoft. At least in my mind. I love how Apple keep its devices simple. My ipod is almost two years. For those years, I enjoyed and found it very useful. Honestly, I expect more about this Nexus 7 because I may conduct more activities. I listen to music using my ipod while reading, blogging, learning, and wathcing using my Nexus 7. A lovable combination, right? 🙂

I’ll post en extended review after experiencing it more. So, wait for me. ^_^


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