People are the same

I’m gonna move to Australia and don’t know when I’ll be back to Korea. I’ll change my citizenship after two years, maybe.

It was interesting and surprising at the same time. “I’m gonna move to Australia and don’t know when I’ll be be back to Korea. I’ll change my citizenship after two years, maybe”, a Korean said. This is my first time heard about this issue, especially in this kind of this situation. It was a language exchange event held by a cafe every Sunday. That was my first time coming here as a guest. At first, I was just very curious with a such kind of event. Meeting with new people, chit-chat, discussion, sharing experiences in English or Korean (rarely) is my interest since I can make friend. Being a bit different ( I am a foreigner and Indonesian, plus Moslem) is not an easy way. We can talk about it later. ok.

So, after one hour discussing about every person’ background, finally there was a Korean named Henry, said that he’s gonna move to Oz and change his citizenship. He actually considers UK or Oz but we all suggested the OZ is better. UK doesn’t provides many jobs for people. UK faces a crisis as well even though it is not the same as Spain or Greece. I was shocked. Indeed, sometimes I have a thought to change my citizenship for experience but it never goes so serious. He was very serious and excited in telling us about his plan. He’ll transfer his college to Oz from Korea, do part-time job, and learn English there. When I asked about his family, he said his family will stay in Korea and has no plan to follow his movement. What an independent plan.

It brings me to think about myself (and my Indonesian culture). It is rarely happened for us, Indonesian, to move and live away from our family. Nothing wrong with that culture. It is just very huge difference.

I was very interested in his reasons. I asked why, he said he doesn’t like Korean people. They are dirty. I seem forgetting what the dirty is; whether it is about trash, about clubbing style or what. I can’t remember it well. Another Korean but Canadian citizenship added more opinion. He said Korean will not any longer as success as know because of the very low birth rate. People are getting older but they don’t want to have children. Or young generation are not interested in getting married very soon. So it will slow the growing or birthrate. Another reason is that Korea has no natural resources. I agreed to him partially. He was right in some parts. It makes me think, people are the same wherever they are. Finding the coziest place to live that gives the most advantages and beneficial for them, maybe those people are including me. Maybe. Somehow. I feel not right.

1.38PM, my desk. random.


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