Commonwealth Bank: No Solutions

No regret in writing this article. I was sooooooo disappointed with Commonwealth Bank Indonesia service. I did contribute with this problem since I am not really good customer but still I am your customer. Let me tell you the story, here it goes:

– Saturday (Jul 27), I wanted to transfer some money to my older sister using my account. I tried several time but it was failed. Why? I didn’t know either. I guessed it was because wrong input for deal code/deal rate. But it wasn’t after I got some explanation about it from customer service on Sunday via international call. I let it be. My account was blocked and I thought it was temporary. I let it be. I would do it tomorrow.

– Sunday. With my innocent and confident that nothing was wrong, I tried to access my account again using internet banking. Still blocked. No hope. I called customer service (CS) from here, I got explanation that my account was blocked because I didn’t do any transactions during six months. Yeap. He was right. My mistake. Solution for activation is by checking saldo via ATM.

– Sunday night. Again, with my confidence, I tried to find nearest global ATM. I found it. I entered my password confidently but I was wrong! I couldn’t access it. DAMN! I got stressed. why? why? I called CS, he said my ATM card is blocked because I entered wrong password.  I did wrong again. I asked solution from him, he said he would send an email to my local branch in Indonesia. I feel relieved at the moment, At least there is solution for this problem. He said maybe on Monday, the branch officer would “do” something.

– Monday. I was waiting for an email from commbank. Until noon, I couldn’t wait any longer. I called Banjarmasin branch. Guess what? I don’t exactly know who answered my call but it seems he is security. WHAT?? He said “CS is busy”. Be patient. I said “Ok, I’d call later”. Second call, he answered my call again but with different response: CS was not in her desk! Gosh! Didn’t you know that I called from Korea using my precious international calling time??? And you said CS was not in her desk!! Be patient.

– Monday afternoon. I called CS of commbank. She said she would help me sending an email to the branch. Maybe she did but I got nothing. At night, I called my mom, she said someone from commbank called her. Really? Hey, I said to the security that I am in Korea now. What a gooooooodddd information. #sarcasm

– Tuesday noon. I called again to Banjarmasin branch. Now, there is response. She said the only solution is by visiting the branch. I have already explained back and forth that I couldn’t but she insist. Gosh. She asked my email address for corresponding question. We discuss there but I just feel that she didn’t help me at all. She just said “we apologize for this inconvenience.. bla bla bla” But hey, I NEED your help. I DONT need your apologize. REALLY. I stated that I WILL do anything for this such as letter of authority, sending all needed documents, etc.

Really, this case get me stressed. I’m hoping that the branch will help me. My saving is not that big. Why can’t you give me any solution for this? Why? Isn’t the rule made to help people, to help customer? Isn’t it the basic understanding for bank to serve the customer?


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