Masih Berlaku?

Sudah terlalu banyak orang yang memberikan saran, masukan, motivasi, atau apa lah namanya itu tentang productivity. Yes, masalah produktif ini selalu menjadi hal yang terus menerus saya evaluasi dalam hidup. Am I productive today? Tiap hari selalu merenungi hal tersebut. Di dapat dari sebuah blog kawan, ada cuplikan menarik bagi para (calon) pekerja. These are 12 things have to consider:

  1. Always Leave Office on Time
  2. Work is never ending process, You can never always finish the works.
  3. Interest of a client is not more important than your FAMILY.
  4. If you fall in your life, your boss or client will not be the person to offer a helping hand but your FAMILY andFRIENDS will do.
  5. Life does not mean coming to office, going home and sleeping. There’s more to a life. You need time tosocialize, entertainment, exercise and relaxation, don’t make your life meaningless.
  6. A person who sits in office till late is not a hardworking person.
  7. He is a fool who doesn’t now how to manage works within stipulated time. Beside, he is a loser in life who doesn’t have personal or social life.
  8. You did not study hard and struggle in the life to be a machine and live a meaningless life.
  9. If your boss forces you to work late. Just forward him this email.
  10. He will try to make his/her life meaningful too.
  11. Leaving Office on Time: More productivity, good social life, good family relations
  12. Leaving Office Late : Less productivity, no social life, no family life.

Udah baca dan tertegun? Kalau biasa-biasa aja, bersyukur lah karena anda termasuk golongan beruntung. Honeslty, I was schocked when reading those things. Lalu apakah 12 hal tersebut masih berlaku untuk mahasiswa S2 layaknya sapi perah professor seperti saya? Tidak mudah menjawabnya. Mari kita ikuti analisa saya untuk setiap point-nya.

  1. Yes, we can do it. Bisa aja pulang dari lab tepat waktu.
  2. I do agree with this.
  3. My family is very important but my professor comments are something that I have to be really considered. My family is far way from me now. Yang penting tetap keep contact.
  4. Indeed, my family always supports me. Professor is a big boss like a God in this lab.
  5. My life process is going to the lab, studying, eating, and sleeping. is that too bored? Nope. I still enjoy the process. Have no money and many friends here.
  6. Difficult because I always sit on my lab a whole day.
  7. Arrggrhhh.. This statement shoots me right in my chest.
  8. AGREE!
  9. >.< I could not imagine it.
  10. Indeed.
  11. Agree.
  12. Depends on. As an engineer, especially when you are programming your approaches, the process is finished when your paper is published on conference or journal!

Well, anggap itu teori dan (mungkin) denial alias penolakan dari saya.  😛  Tapi saya setuju tentang we have to make a productive time every day. 😀


3 thoughts on “Masih Berlaku?

    1. thomhertsiadari says:

      hahaha.. saya pernah baca sebelumnya dan kembali refresh setelah baca blog kamu.
      Itu baca “sebuah blog kawan” –> maksudnya km ga 😀
      Anyway, saya udah coba berulang kali dan masih gagal. Ada hal yang harus terus diperbaiki 🙂

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