Life without Complaint

Welcome life! These days, Alhamdulillah, I live without weekend. Staying at the lab a whole day, a whole week is awesome. At least I do not need to spend more money. <—– Gosh, it’s sick, ridiculous person. It’s getting worse because he has no spouse (well, I wrote spouse because it means wife ^__________^ )  <——– freak ahjussi.

Have read some statements above? Yeah, it’s me. I totally enjoy my loneliness today because it is not something I really want but it’s destiny. I haven’t married yet! Gosh. Honestly, I campaign “Live without complaint” because I am very thankful to my God, Allah SWT, that gives me an awesome and amazing life that nobody experiences exactly the same as my life 🙂

Everyday I come to the lab and go home at 10.30PM. Awesome? Amazing? or freak? It’s your opinion. I have a lot of things to do, guys. Somehow, I think I have a bad time management because why my task are not done at all, why do I always have task to do? Why? #rhetorical

From now on, I just want to live without complaint even though others see me, my life, like a freak or whatever they say. I don’t care. Also, as long as I enjoy my activity, I do not care if people say I’m stupid. I do all my activity with my heart so God may see my sincerity.


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