Review: Dead Poets Society (1989)

I wrote this article for Industrial Network class. Is that awesome? My prof is cooooll,for sure.^^


Having a big big big passion is not enough. We need to act as maximum as possible to pursue our dreams. By this movie I more realize what I have to do about my passion in life. This way, this path is right. There is no doubt here, in my heart. Many movies teach us about the life, the way to spend our time in life and so does this movie.

I focus on 6 characters: Mr. Keating, Todd Anderson, Neil Perry, Charlie Dalton, Cameron, Knox Overstreet. They have something to be learned.

Mr. Keating is good teacher. He is unique, passionate, charismatic, and lovable. I like the way he teaches his student. There is no exact rule to teach others especially as teacher. Teacher has more than merely a responsibility to make his student understand the lesson. And Mr. Keating does it. He tries to make his students think as free as they can. There is no limitation in thinking of something. We can think as deep as we want or go as far as we want. Out of the box. He tries to wake his students up.

Todd Anderson. Being a younger brother of very smart and clever person is a burden for him. This is a common way of people thinking if we are in that position. It is unfair, isn’t it? Todd is is painfully shy and terrified that what he might say is insignificant and meaningless. His brother’s shadow is always with him. He has no confidence, indeed. Mr. Keating tries to help him out from this problem. In a scene when Todd is asked to read his own poetry. He doesn’t want to do that because he is totally shy. But finally, at the end, he can speak up about his thought, freely, imaginatively. Because of our fear is bigger than our belief that’s why we are not confident. I like the end scene when Todd says that Mr. Keating is innocent. He stands up on the table and says “Captain, O captain”. Amazing. It’s so hard when All people press you to say the wrong thing when you totally know that is absolutely wrong.

Neil. For sure, I don’t want to be like him; have passion but have no strength to realize it. Standing in reality that he has to make his parents proud and chasing his dreams is painful. It becomes worse when he is 100% under-controlled by his parents; what he has to do for his study, what he has to have for extracurricular, even how the way he thinks. He cannot handle this problem and he decides to take his own self; the worst thing to see, the best thing to learn. Let everybody know about our passion, let the world know about our passion. Passion is not wrong thing that we have to hide, is Passion? I don’t want to stay behind the wall, I open myself. Here I am.

Charlie Dalton. I like when he thinks to interrupt the system that he thinks wrong but the way he does it is not really good. How to distinguish reality and dream is important. With his power, I realize that his idea is nonsense at that time. Remember the scene: Mr. Keating tells the boys to “be wise, not stupid” about protesting against the system.

Knox Overstreet is the guy who falls in love deeply with Chris. Sometimes I think he is crazy in love, almost insane. The part that Knox fights with Chris’ boyfriend is strange. Is that love? I don’t think so but the way he convinces Chris is wonderful.

Cameron, Pragmatist. Being pragmatist is not false at all but not fighting for something right is totally false. Cameron agrees to sign agreement that Mr. Keating causes Neil’s death by filling his student’s brain with irrational thing.

Several quotes that I really like most are

Mr. Keating then tells the boys “Carpe Diem”, which is Latin for “seize the day”. Sometimes we need to be awake by other people in order to realize our passion, our dreams.

 We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.

Feel the feeling, feel the atmosphere of the lesson. There are many ways to make us understand in something.

“Don’t just jump off like lemmings! Take a look around!”

It doesn’t mean if others are doing like that way and we also have to do the same way. It is not enough seeing a thing from one side, try other sides maybe we can see more wonderful and amazing way.

“Two roads diverged in the wood and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Sometimes being different is good but sometimes is otherwise. But I like the quote. Thinking of something differently makes us out of the box. Idea comes up from unique side or even strange side.


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