Actually my mood was very good along day till I faced this problem. I am not trying to say that I hate a conflict. But, I thought this is too execrable. How this could be happened! This is about our event. Not only me. You, a guy, really don’t care with ours. You act like you have no responsibility in this case. Oh my god, I don’t know the right words to express my feeling right now for you. Do you ever feel and think you’re crazy in want to hit someone? Yup, that’s my feeling.

Enough! This should be enough. This is very useless. It is better if I do another activity beside I slander on you.

On the other hands, I have good news for you guys. I have tried finding about tips and tricks to get scholarships. Sent emails to Miss Triastuti, Mr. Angga Rusdinar, and my lecturers. I also sent emails to Mr. Agus Subekti and Mr. Ari Wibowo. The last is about my thesis project. I want to find someone or forum or institution for discussing, sharing, and asking about WiMAX Scheduling Algorithm. I think I have done a step forward, even a big step. I try to understand my mind, from the bottom of my heart I mean, I want to know what exactly my field of interest. Neither company’s employee nor entrepreneur nor researcher nor lecturer is just a same thing. The most important is how you will be the most useful person of your life. Because life is just once time. Not like a broadcast delay.

Maybe you are very curious about my plan. Okay, I will let you know a bit. Actually I really want to continue my graduate school abroad. I will choose German or France or Korea. That’s very confusing, difficult, and hard to choose one of them. They have different language. This is certainly being a challenge for me. I should choose the one at beginning of the process. Although, someone who has experience getting scholarship in there said the language is not really important, it is just an added value making a committee more respect with me. This is make me little bit headache. :p

How is not, the course fee of one language is quite expansive. It’s about 700 thousands Rupiah. Till now, I don’t decide it yet. Time will make me choose. Maybe I should discuss with my parents before.


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